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"It was time for me to start to work on my application and had no idea where to get started. I have always been told that taking the first step is the most important thing, "if you take the first step right, the rest will all go right but if you take that first step wrong, then everything will go wrong", so hoping to find the best way to write my personal statement, I went online and looked up different available services. Every service I was looking up was talking about a questionnaire to be filled out. I looked up the questionnaire samples and started to think if I am going to write these all myself, I might as well write the statement! When I looked the winning statement up I immediately decided to contact them because they did mention of a live interview. Even the best answered questionnaire cannot weigh as much as a live interview. I sent them an email and I am glad I did so, in less than 24 hours Dr. Mary called me, although she was out of town. She asked me some questions and it was obvious that she was trying to get to know me as much as possible one can be known on the phone. Then she explained the process and set a time up for a live interview. She also sent me a set of questions to read and think about a little bit. On the day of the interview, I talked to her first, and then one of her colleagues interviewed me for over an hour. He was very nice and friendly and was helping me with directing me toward the main point of the question asked. When the interview was over, I have been told that it will take up to two weeks for the initial draft to be ready but I received it in a week. I made some comments and sent it back to Dr. Mary. Later on, on the same day she emailed me with some more questions that the writer had. In less than a week I received my final draft. Although it was the final draft, she was very encouraging to do not hesitate to contact if I need more changes. Overall I had a great experience with them. Nothing is better than working with people who they know what they are doing. Especially in the important turning points in life, nothing can be more helpful than an expert. I am glad I took that first step right."
~~ B.G.   8/22/2011



Hi Dr. Mary, I love both personal statements. Thank you and your team for creating such great statements. I truly appreciate it.
~~ B.O.   8/19/2011



Dr. Mary, THank you for the final draft. I will definitely recommend Winning Statements to my colleagues. Once again, thank you!
~~ C.L.   8/18/2011

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